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Sandu Sarak Churna 50g

Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation Strain Free

Benefits of Sarak Churna

  1. Mild laxative which helps with constipation, gas and bloating.
  2. Sonamukhi has laxative and intestinal motility-enhancing properties.
  3. Yashtimadhu and Gulabkali soften the stools and act as mild laxatives.
  4. Sunthi, Saunf, Ajvayan and Sauvarchal help with digestion and relieve gas.
  5. Vidang help treat worms.

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About Sarak Churna

Sarak Churna is a proprietary Ayurvedic product by Sandu designed to address a spectrum of digestive concerns and promote gastrointestinal wellness. It is a mild laxative which offers respite from the discomforts of constipation, gas, and bloating by gently restoring the digestive system into balance. Key ingredients such as Sonamukhi lend their potent laxative properties and enhance intestinal motility, facilitating smoother digestion and alleviating the discomfort of constipation. Moreover, the inclusion of Yashtimadhu and Gulabkali works to soften stools and provide relief from constipation, ensuring comfort and regularity. To further aid digestion and relieve gas, Sarak Churna incorporates a blend of Sunthi, Saunf, Ajvayan, and Sauvarchal, renowned for their digestive benefits and ability to soothe the stomach. Additionally, Vidang, with its potent anthelmintic properties, targets and helps eliminate intestinal worms, promoting overall digestive health and vitality. Embrace the natural efficacy of Sarak Churna and embark on a journey towards optimal digestive wellness, one dose at a time.

To be consumed on the advise of medical practitioners

Dosage: 5 to 10 gm after dinner with luke warm water or as directed by Physician

Weight 450 g
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica)


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