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Beautiful Skin At Your Fingertips


Winter skin care trends started with Diwali. Traditionally we follow the ritiuals of abhyangsnan and Faral. But have you think why we have to follow this rituals? Our indian culture is great fusion of health care and principles of Nature. Winter makes your skin harsh and dry due to excessive cold in season but what’s the solution?  I know what you will say, i can do  Everything and Anything for my skin as per latest trends. You will go for expensive treatments, all those day creams, night creams and what have you. But have you considered just making one small change in your daily routine. What’s that let’s follow me –

Dr. Neeti – Abhyangsnan or Ayurvedic oil massage  is your very own home care skin regimen to make your skin soft and everyoung.  Ayurveda’s ancient texts elaborates this mantra for healthy glowing skin with just a slight tweak in your routine. It mentioned Abhyanga as a daily regimen especially during the winter season. You must be wondering why ?

Abhyanga word is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Anga’ meaning body and the prefix ‘Abhi’ meaning going towards or in the direction of. So, Abhyanga means massaging the body using specific oil or ghee preparations where the movements are directed towards the growth of hair.

You see, the Acharyas paid minute attention to the changes happening in our external environment and its resultant effect on our body.

Let’s see the overall scheme of things…

In the winter season the cold dry winds cause dryness of skin, stiffness of joints etc which is counteracted by abhyanga with warm oil or ghee. Now you must have gotten an inkling about why our favorite season ‘Diwali’ starts off with Abhyanga snana ritual.

Here’s your guide for Abhyanga:

1.    Regular practice of Abhyanga with tila taila or sesame oil is best for all prakritis.

2.    For Pitta dominant prakriti Coconut oil is the best

3.    For Kapha dominant prakriti only Dry medicated powder (Ubtan / Utane) is recommended. This is why even in the vasant or spring season Abhyanga is contra-indicated as there is excess accumulation of Kapha dosha in the body, naturally.

Steps for Abhyanga Procedure:

1.    Warm the oil of your choice or as recommended by your physician a little.

2.    Always start massaging from the crown of your head.

3.    The order should be head, face, hands, chest and then your feet

4.    Use circular motions over rounded areas such as your head or joints, and straight strokes on straight areas such as your arms and legs.

5.    Apply light pressure on sensitive areas such as the abdomen or the heart.

6.    Make sure that you do Abhyanga before taking your warm water bath.

A simple massage benefits not only your skin tissue but also the other tissue in your body when it is done for particular time. Acharya explains the benefits of Abhyanga as:


अभ्यंगम् आचरेत नित्यं स जराश्रमवातहा: ।

दृष्टी प्रसाद पुष्ट्यायु : स्वप्नसुत्वक दार्ढ्यकृत ।। – अष्टांग हृदयं


Daily abhyanga keeps you everyoung with soft and glowing skin, pacifies Vata, reduces fatigue, gives clear vision, calm sleep, it improves mental and physical strength, enhances tolerance to hardship and physical strain with long life.

The human body is an incredible machine and just as any machine requires proper lubrication and care, our bodies too need to be looked after and given what it needs.

Your Abhyanga Companions from Sandu:

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So !!!! Now that you know the mantra for that flawless and timeless beauty you have been searching for, what are you waiting for. Grab one of these oils mentioned above & get started.

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