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We observed PCOS awareness month in September!! As per the observations of certain groups working in the field of PCOS in India, medical practitioners more often  recommend dietary and lifestyle changes as a first response to PCOS pateints, than in the United States, but the push for prescription medication is also less likely as a first response by medical professionals in India. May be because, there is less awareness of herbal options for this condition PCOS.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS in short, a condition in women, is becoming increasingly common in recent times.

The complicated  name, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, can be simplified as follows:

  • Poly- means many.
  • Cyst means a bubble-like thing in the body tissue.
  • Ovary is the female organ that produces ova or eggs.
  • Syndrome means a group of signs and symptoms complained by the patient

The basic cause of PCOS is insulin resistance (IR), despite large quantities of insulin in the body, target tissues  like fat resist the action of insulin. And this results in variety of signs and symptoms in PCOS.

 First of all, the menstrual periods become irregular. PCOS drastically reduces fertility because the ovary fails to form ova.

 In PCOS, there is a marked tendency to put on weight. The accumulated weight does not get removed easily even with a vigorous exercise programme. All in all, PCOS leads to difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.

Male hormone, Testosterone, also causes the occurence pimples and unwanted hair growth on the face. Just like teenagers and adolescents, the patient starts getting acne which does not go away easily, causing a great deal of stress for her.

How to correct all this topsy turvy? Well, it is not easy. It needs drastic life-style changes like fasting and doing physical exercise. These lifestyle measures decrease insulin resistance. Eating a balanced diet rich in green leafy vegetables which will provide you with what are called anti-oxidants. Tobacco and alcohol aggravate the hormonal imbalance so they must be avoided at all costs.

There are many herbs that Mother Nature has gifted to us. One of them is GUDAMAR, (Gymnema sylvestre) roughly translated as a “Sugar Killer”. Its constituent, Gymnemic acids, a polyphenol,  have been shown to exert antidiabetic, anti-sweetener, and anti-inflammatory activities. In the animal model of PCOS, it was demonstrated that gymnemic acids improved the menstrual cycle regularity, reduced testosterone levels and weight in PCOS rats. 

SANDU offers GUDAMAR containing combination called DEBIX to take care of the hormonal imbalance in PCOS. Besides, Gudmar, DEBIX contains many other similar ingredients like Jamunbeej (Syzygium cumini), Karela (Momordica charantia), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna).

When the doctor prescribes to you DEBIX you know you are getting the best herbs in the best form. You simply take it as prescribed. 

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