Calling a timeout on worms

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of hand washing and hygiene. The frenzy of washing our hands for exactly 20 seconds had taken us over & still has us in its grips. Why does it take us a wakeup call such as this one to take a simple act of washing hands seriously. You all must be aware of the ads for any hand wash where they show germs on hands and the tagline from one of those ads ‘Saboon se hath pure 1 min tak dhone chahiye’.

Why are all these ads centered around kids? It’s because we know how unruly & fussy kids can be. This growing age is where they are most active and rough with their playing and games. They tend to neglect hand washing & hygiene so that they don’t miss out on the fun.

Hand washing is just one of the facets of preventing worm infestations in children and adults. 10th February has been designated as National deworming day by the government to tackle the problem of worm infestations in growing children specifically. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed as chronic worm infestation can lead to anemia and malnourishment, which has negative effects on mental and physical development in growing kids.

There are a variety of worm infestations mentioned in modern textbooks. But the concept of worms or krimi is bigger in Ayurveda. Our Vedas were so ahead of their times that some concepts still can’t be explained by modern science. Purishaj krimi, Kaphaj krimi, Raktaj krimi and Bahya Krimi  are described as per their origin. Not only are the various krimi described in detail but their treatment is also explained with equal attention.

Ayurveda mentions the following 3 Step Treatment module:

Guidelines as per the Govt. to follow:

It is also best to avoid raw or uncooked food, vegetables & red meat.  Always wear footwear outsideas certain worms can enter through open wounds. Although for adults, consciously following hygiene rules might come easy but when it comes to kids they follow by example so consider this  whenever around kids. But the real challenge is getting this message across to each and every individual. So, spread the word!

Here at Sandu Pharmaceuticals, we offer Sandu Vidangarishta, Sandu Khadirarishta, Sandu Krimivikar Kadha, Sandu Krimikuthar Ras to aid in the mission of making sure no child or adult suffers from worm infestation. Along with this ajwain, garlic, hing, tulsi, vidang (vavading) are also some helpful herbs to control this disorder. Along with proper medical care and personally being aware and responsible, worm infestations can be easily prevented.

With Ayurveda as our companion nothing is impossible!

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Article By:

Dr.Madhuri Bhogan (MD AYU)

Research Associate

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