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The summer season is here and everyone is feeling the heat. In Ayurveda, this season of Grishma leads to draining of strength or bala from the body. The digestive fire becomes progressively weak leading to appetite loss. To counter the effects of summer it has been advised to consume foods & drinks which are Madhura (sweet), Sheeta (cool), Drava (liquid), Snigdha (unctuous) and Laghu (light to digest). Keeping all these things in  mind Sandu Gulkand will definitely help negate the effects of summer heat. Made with rose petals which are cooling, pacify all three doshas of the body, stimulate digestive fire, antioxidant rich and more. To further enhance the effect of gulkand there is Praval pishti which also has the above mentioned characteristics. This is a sure shot remedy to help relieve heat and provide cooling effect in the body, relieve hyperacidity and associated complaints experienced in the summer time.

Sandu Gulkand is not only a tasty treat but also a healthy delight. So, now you know how you can make your summers refreshing !

Give Urself Love by Keeping Away the heat Naturally in Delicious ways

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Article By:

Dr.Madhuri Bhogan (MD AYU)

Research Associate

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