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Sandu Ushirasav (450 ml)

Ayurvedic Remedy for Bleeding Disorders & Urinary Problems

Benefits of Sandu Ushirasav

  • Has raktaprasadak and haemostatic properties which makes it beneficial in bleeding disorders (piles/ blood in urine)
  • Coolant nature offers relief from discomfort caused by urinary disorders
  • Reduce the discomfort and inflammation in urinary discomfort
  • Pacifies the Pitta dosha.

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About Sandu Ushirasav

Ushirasav is a renowned Ayurvedic medicine that stands out for its multifaceted benefits, particularly in addressing urinary disorders. A notable attribute of Ushirasav is its raktaprasadak and hemostatic properties, which contribute to maintaining healthy blood circulation and clotting mechanisms. By balancing Pitta, it helps restore equilibrium within the body, alleviating symptoms associated with excess heat, such as inflammation, burning sensations, and irritability. Ushirasav’s coolant nature offers relief from discomfort caused by urinary tract disorders. Its cooling property helps soothe inflammation and irritation in the urinary tract, providing much-needed comfort and support during burning urination.

Sandu Ushirasav Dossage: 4 teaspoonfuls (20 ml) 2 times a day or as directed by the Physician.

Weight 900 g
Ushira (Vetiveria zizanioides) Kamal pushpa (Nelumbo nucifera) Gambhari (Gmelina arborea) Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) Parpatak (Fumaria officinalis)


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