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Sandu Kumar Kalyan Ras (5 Tabs)

Immunomodulator for Children

  • - Ayurvedic classical medicine is useful in many health problems in children like fever, cough, jaundice, diarrhoea, breathing problems, rickets, etc
  • - Pacifies all doshas, improves appetite, and provides strength to the body. It also prevents children from frequent respiratory infections
  • - Used for delayed milestones in infants, debility, or weakness after a chronic illness
  • - Ensures proper intellectual development of the child, making the child intelligent, vibrant, and healthy

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Sandu Kumarkalyan Ras is an ayurvedic classical medicine useful in many health problems in children.

Relieves: Delayed milestones in infants, weakness after a chronic illness, and loss of appetite.

Directions: As per the physician’s advice

Weight 350 g
Ras sindur Aloe vera Swarna bhasma (Gold)


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