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Sandu Keshita Hair Oil (100 ml)

Beneficial for healthy Growth of hair

  • - Ayurvedic hair oil for healthy and long hair, promotes hair growth.
  • - Strengthens hair follicles & strands, arrests thinning of hair, confers long, silky hair.
  • - Beneficial in hair loss & alopecia.
  • - Nourishes scalp, reduces dandruff, and relieves itching.
  • - Massage with Keshita (Sandu Mahabhringaraj oil) exerts calming effect and promotes sound sleep.

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Keshita (Sandu Mahabhrigaraj oil) is an ayurvedic hair oil for healthy and long hair. It strengthens hair follicles & strands, arrests thinning of hair, confers long, silky hair. 

Relieves: Hair loss, alopecia, premature graying of hair, and split hair.

Directions: Apply on the scalp with your fingertips and gently massage for 5-10 minutes. Keep it for an hour or more and rinse it off with a mild herbal shampoo. Initially, use 3-4 weeks and 2-3 days a week for best results.

Weight 250 g
Bhringaraj Bibhitaka Devadaru Jatamansi Patol and Kasisa


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