How is skin eruption treated through Paripathadi Kadha ayurvedic medicine?

Knowing the cause of the skin eruptions makes handling the condition simpler. For this an indepth analysis is required with your Ayurvedic physician and to know what dosage of Ayurvedic medicine like for eg Sandu Paripathadi kadha will work best for you. Sandu Paripathadi Kadha contains the goodness of Paripatha, Chandan, Guduchi, Brahmi like rejuvenative, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant rich herbs that help provide relief from burning sensation, prickly heat, itching & other skin problems. Paripath (Fumaria parviflora) eliminates toxins generated due to various infections, reduces burning sensation, has anti inflammatory, cooling action and pacifies pitta. Gulab Kali (Rose) helps to relieve heat in the body. It acts as stimulant to digestive fire, reduces signs & symptoms of acidity and has gastro-intestine protective properties. Chandan acts as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce various kinds of burning sensation within the body as well as prevents weakness.

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