How effective is Paripathadi Kadha Ayurvedic medicine for Skin problem & burning sensations

Effectivity of any Ayurvedic medicine depends on various factors like diet, hygiene, daily regimen, etc along with prescribed medications for eg. Sandu Paripathadi Kadha which contains Paripatha, a known herb that helps manage burning sensations & skin problems. Along with Paripatha it comes with the goodness of Chandan, Guduchi, Brahmi like rejuvenative, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant rich herbs that help provide relief from burning sensation, prickly heat, itching & other skin problems. Sandu Paripathadi kadha is enriched with herbs having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic & immunomodulatory properties.It reduces skin rashes and blisters associated with various skin infections etc and gives a cooling effect to the body

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