How effective are the Ayurvedic medicines for hair care? What makes the composition of this Ayurvedic hair tonic so unique and effective?

Sandu Bhringajeevani is a potent medicine for hair growth. It has a unique blend of herbs which are rich in antioxidants and have a calming effect as well. ‘Bhringaraj’- the hero, is a scientifically known promoter of hair growth. It is rejuvenating in nature and also is a good source of major and trace minerals required by our bodies to function normally. Bhringajeevani also contains the goodness of ‘Haritaki’ – which helps prevent greying of hair; ‘Lavang’ – which is a rich antioxidant, helps reduce stress, improves blood circulation and prevents hair fall; and ‘Jaiphal’, ‘Dalchini’, ‘Ela’ and ‘Pippali’ – each of which provides added benefits and improves the bioavailability of the hair tonic. Being an Aasav Arishta Kadha, it can quickly get absorbed into the bloodstream and can work effectively. It is a completely natural hair tonic which works effectively. 

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