How does natural herbs are effective for sore throat.

Yashtimadhu acts as an expectorant and soothes the throat. It reduces the frequency of coughing and removes exhaustion accompanied by respiratory infections. Draksha is a known Ayurevdic herb that has scientifically proven activities that help relive respiratory problems. It also contains Vasa or Adulsa an Ayurevdic herb having natural cleansing action inside the body thus helps eliminate toxins and impurities that settle in our lungs. It is also has scientifically proven profile that help relieve respiratory problems.Sandu Whoopin; Ayurvedic Syrup for wet & Dry cough contains a powerful combination of Anjeer, Draksha, Yashtimadhu and 8 more herbs that soothes the throat and strengthens the respiratory system. Similarly, the other herbs too reflect the same respiratory system strengthening and defending properties. They also help soothe the throat, ease breathing, expel toxins and more

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