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Heart-leaved moonseed / Giloy

Tinospora cordifolia

Guduchi is a large, deciduous, climbing herbaceous shrub. It extensively spreads twining around an old and large tree. Guduchi grown on Neem tree is consider being of high medicinal value. It is indigenous to the tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka and is collected for medicinal purpose during summer preferably in the month of May. Although bitter and astringent in taste, after complete digestion it produces benefits as of sweet tonics. It is hot in potency and tridosha-nashak i.e. it pacifies vata, pitta and kapha doshas.

 While we cannot be entirely sure when Ayurvedic seers started using Guduchi, Ramayan, one of the oldest Hindu texts has described Guduchi as the product of nectar (which fell on land and grew into Guduchi climber) sprinkled from heaven by Lord Indra to fulfil wish of King Ram to resurrect his mortally injured army.

रसायने गुडूची।

Cross-section of Guduchi stem or trunk reveals a chakra-(wheel or cycle-spokes shaped structure)-like structure. Hence it is known as ‘Chakralakshanika’. This small part of stem if planted has the potential to regrow or propagate into a fully developed climber, thus it is another name ‘Chinnaruha’. It prevents various diseases and promotes life, hence named as ‘Tantrika’ and ‘Amrita’ in Sanskrit. It has been placed in following groups of medicinal herb:


  1. Vayasthapan (anti-aging)
  2. Triptighna (satiation relievers)
  3. Stanyashodhan (galactogogues)
  4. Trushnanigrahan (excessive thirst reducers)
  5. Daha Prashaman (burning sensation relievers)

Health Benefits from Guduchi:

 Guduchi is of great interest to researchers across the globe because of its rejuvenative effects. It helps in digestion, absorption, improving strength and relieving aam (toxins). It is light in nature and hot in potency. Guduchi relieves thirst and burning sensation. It is beneficial in fever, anaemia, bleeding and liver disorder.  It relieves vomiting and reduces worm infestation. Also, it is known to have anti-diabetic effect.

  • Guduchi is described as vayasthapak e. it has anti-aging properties
  • Neuro-protective in nature and acts as a brain tonic
  • Enhances bone formation and regeneration
  • Stimulates the digestive power, nourishes the body and promotes strength
  • Possesses hypoglycemic properties that help control and regulate glucose levels in the body
  • Removes obstruction in body channels and improves nourishment to the vital tissues
  • Reduces excess thirst
  • Useful in various skin disorders
  • Helps deworming
  • Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Anti-inflammatory in conditions such as arthritis, respiratory, liver disorders, etc.
  • Improves retinal micro-circulation and eye health by relieving various eye disorders
  • Helps to lower temperature of the body
  • Helps reduce burning sensation, ulcer index, total acidity and improves the pH of gastric fluid
  • Its astringent properties help reduce diarrhea by reducing secretions, intestinal transit and normalizing deranged water transport across the mucosal cells

Guduchi for Healthy Aging:

Healthy aging is a well-known Ayurvedic aspect described as ‘Vayasthapan’. Also, the herbs promoting healthy aging are classified into ‘Vayasthapak Gana’ by Acharya Charak. The word itself implies that it delays aging process. Guduchi enhances survival rate of cells and protects them against damage. It protects the DNA from damage due to various toxins and stress factors. It is rich in antioxidant and polyphenol content that aids in removing toxins from the body and provide protective benefits.

Guduchi for Immunity:

 Due to its Rasayan or immuno-modulatory properties, it not only helps to maintain the balance between Tri-doshas but also improves the quality of dhatus (the structural elements of the body) and elimination of malas. Strong defense mechanisms keep the person healthy as the body is able to fight against infections.

Guduchi for Nerve Health:

Acharya Charak has described Guduchi as one of the four medhya rasayanas i.e. it restores intellect, cognitive function and memory. It is neuro-protective and functions as brain or nervine tonic. It enhances the brain functions, verbal learning and logical memory. It is also described to be beneficial in Vertigo. Being neuro-protective, it brings positive behavioral changes in stress.

Guduchi for Respiratory Health:

 Guduchi contains many active phyto-phenols beneficial in respiratory health. It has potent broncho-dilatory and anti-allergic properties that aid in relieving cough, cold and other symptoms in respiratory infections. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties are supportive in improving respiratory health.

Guduchi for Bone Health:

Guduchi arrests arthritis and bone-degeneration activity, as it stimulates the growth of new bone tissues (bone-formation) and increases the mineralization of bone matrix. It reduces the excess uric acid and toxins formation in body, beneficial in gout.

Guduchi for Fever Relief:

Guduchi reduces burning sensation, chills; ensures recovery due to weakness and fatigue in various types of fevers and infections of different origins (viral and bacterial e.g. Typhoid).

Guduchi for Skin health:

Guduchi helps increase the blood-circulation in the skin. This will make your skin rejuvenate, age slowly, look better and beat ageing cells. It is a natural blood purifier that keeps skin issues like itching, burning sensation, redness, swelling, tenderness, etc. away.

How to use Guduchi:

  • Guduchi juice is advocated to be taken every day as Rasayan (immunity enhancer)
  • In Fever it is to be administered as a cold infusion
  • In Jaundice its juice is administered along with honey
  • In diabetes, Guduchi juice mixed with honey, is advised
  • Guduchi juice is also very beneficial in menorrhagia
  • In various eye related disorders, Guduchi and Triphala decoction is given mixed with long pepper and honey

 Guduchi offerings from Sandu:

 Corysan: is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Formulation beneficial in nasal congestion, headache and fever associated with coryza, sinusitis and rhinitis.

 Debix: is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Formulation beneficial in Diabetes, its symptoms such as polyuria, polydipsia, hyperglycemia and complications such as neuropathy, kidney, heart, retina disease, etc.

 Sandu Gulvel Satva: is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation beneficial in distaste, loss of appetite, fever, hyperacidity, etc. It helps nourish body vital tissues, maintain eye health and promote life longevity or healthy aging.

 Sandu Sanshamni Vati: is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation useful in various conditions of fever, as an immunity enhancer etc.

Hemocleen: is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation which acts as an excellent blood purifier and improves overall skin health.

 Sandu Amritasrishta: is an authentic Ayurvedic hydro-alcoholic formulation useful as an immunity enhancer, anti-pyretic. It acts as a digestive and prevents relapse of fever.

Osteon-D: is a proprietary formulation beneficial in post-menopausal osteoporosis, pre-menstrual syndrome, osteoporosis, healing of fracture, pregnancy, lactation, growth phase of children.

Sandu Saraswatarishta: is an Ayurvedic hydro-alcoholic formulation for complete neuro-muscular health. It possesses significant anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. It promotes longevity, strength, cognitive and recollection power.  It is effective in post-menopausal syndrome. In addition, it is beneficial in all age groups viz. children, young, elderly.


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