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Eclipta alba

Bhringaraj is an annual plant that grows up to about ½-2 feet in height. It often grows as a weed in paddy fields and marshy areas, found throughout India ascending up to 1700 meter from sea level, but now it is cultivated and farmed. It flourishes in the rainy season and has small white delicate flowers and black fruits. While the slightly curled leaves are strong and thick, with a layer of spiky hairs. It is bitter and astringent in taste.

भृङ्गराजो केश्यः त्वच्यः दन्त्यो रसायनो बल्यः नेत्रशिरोऽर्तिनुत्॥ 

Bhringaraj is well renowned for its ability to improve hair quality by imparting strength, enhancing growth, natural colour and lustre of the hair. In fact, its affinity with the healthy hair has often acquired synonyms such as ‘Kesharaja’ (king of the hair), Kesharanjana, Keshya, Markav, Keshali, etc. It amazing to know ‘Bhringaraj’ the name itself is the direct translation of ‘bee ruler’ (bhring = bee, raja = king). It is also known as false daisy. Its Latin name Eclipta alba, specifically indicates its white flowers.

Health from Bhringaraj:

Ayurveda texts describe Bhringaraj as kapha and vata-ghna (pacifies kapha and vata doshas) which helps to clear the various channels in the body. Combining the bitter and astringent properties with its rejuvenative action, Bhringaraj brings a host of benefits to the rest of the body apart from head and hair.

  • The bitter properties cleanse liver, extends support to the rasa and rakta dhatu (lymph and blood); helps recover from Anaemia as it is a well-known to contain iron in good quantities.
  • It is a good broncho-dilator, helps to clear excess kapha accumulation, prevent recurrent cough and cold to maintain healthy function of the respiratory tract.
  • It helps to maintain blood flow, reduce inflammation, beneficial for Cardiac health
  • Being astringent and possessing wound healing properties it is beneficial in various skin disorders.
  • The tonifying effects of Bhringaraj, calms vatain the region of the head, nourishes majja-dhatu (nervine tissue); work wonders on the mind and the nervous system.
  • It calms the mind, alleviates tension, stress and even support deep -restful sleep.
  • Bhringaraj is highly sought & important herb for its hair revitalizing property
  • It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Bhringaraj for Healthy Hair:

Bhringaraj not only supports healthy, abundant, voluminous and beautiful hairs, but is very effective in various disorders related to hair. It is an essential item when faced with problems regarding hairs and helps to revitalize the quality and quantity of hair follicles. This activity of Bhringaraj is due to presence of certain volatile oils and phyto-constitutents such as Eclalbasaponins. It blocks the mechanism of hair-fall. It helps in converting growth phase (anagen) of hair follicle into resting phase (telogen). It is also used as hair dye to maintain the natural color of hair. Since, it has Iron content it can help recover from Iron deficiency by covering for any nutritional deficiency.

Bhringaraj for Digestive Health:

It is an excellent digestive tonic, helps to relieve indigestion and beneficial for sapta-dhatu-vardhan i.e. nourishment of all body vital tissues. In this way it promotes strength in the body. Bhringaraj works by improving appetite with digestion. Especially it acts on regulating enzymes of liver and spleen. It is cardio-protective and hepato-protective in nature.

Bhringaraj for Rasayan:

It has antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. Bhringaraj enhances the immune responses and disease resistance. It also provides protection to the nervine tissues as a result of its immuno-modulatory activity. This helps to improve the functioning of all the organs and processes of the body. Thus its Rasayan properties makes it an important bhavana dravya (potentiating drug) in many Ayurvedic formulations treating fever.

How to Use Bhringaraj:

  • On external application of Bhringaraj paste on any inflamed, suppurating wound helps in reducing local swelling and discharge
  • It reduces any discoloration that may occur after such wounds on application of paste
  • External application of its juice on the scalp is helpful in reducing greying of hair
  • Juice extracted from Bhringaraj leaves is useful in treating headaches, reducing pain and other associated symptoms in disorders related to ear & eyes beyond hair problems

Bhringaraj offerings from Sandu:

Tejras: is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation to calm mind, increase attention, concentration, enhance learning abilities of a growing child and kids.

Stresan: is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation to relive anxiety, reduce mental fatigue. It is non-addictive and effective even in sleeping disturbances.

Bhringajeevani: is a proprietary formulation for efficient hair growth. It is a rejuvenative tonic for hairs and eyes. It improves circulation and provides nutrition to vital tissues. Helps relieve insomnia and mental stress. It strengthens reproductive system.

Sandu Keshita: is proprietary Ayurvedic hair oil for restoring shine, texture to hair, to calm mind, promote hair growth, etc.

Sandu Bhunimbadi Kadha: is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation to treat acid-peptic disorders including Hyperacidity and indigestion. It possess appetizing, anti-inflammatory, laxative, cholagogue, digestive, antibacterial, hemostatic and rejuvenative properties.

Sandu Mahanarayan Tail: is proprietary Ayurvedic massage oil beneficial in Musculo-skeletal disorders (chronic and degenerative) Paralysis, Deafness, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, etc. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects to relieve muscle stiffness. It lubricates joints to reduce pain and swelling.  It promotes proper blood circulation, improves muscle tone and strength. It also strengthens the nervous system

Sandu Patrangasav: is a proprietary hydro-alcoholic Ayurvedic formulation beneficial in Menorrhagia (excessive menstruation), spasmodic pain, Leucorrhoea, Fever, Anorexia, Anemia, inflammation, etc. It helps maintains female health, by preventing abortion, toning the pelvic organs and resisting the uterine prolapse.

Sandu Gandhak Rasayan: is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation beneficial in Skin diseases like Psoriasis, Boils, Rashes, Diabetes and Indigestion


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